Your official purchase order is the first step of the production. We immediately inform our manufacturer about the order and all details.

We will translate all orders and information and forward them to our manufacturers promptly. In case of unexpected problems, you are notified by us with alternative solutions.

Our professional team  follows up and makes sure all fabrics and trims are being executed as ordered. Fabrics of each dye lot are tested . Production can not start before getting our approval on production fabrics.

Our inline quality assurance occurs on a daily basis by our own qc people who are checking all productions running every day to assure a smooth and on time production. Production status of the orders are reported to you  on daily e-mails  beside this we have a weekly production and sampling meeting at out office and all our clients get a weekly report of the running orders.

Final inspection is always done by  Doteks qc’s and AQL reports are sent to the customers before the shipments are effected.


Bookings and export documents are checked based on  CAD conditions by our export department at our office before the shipments are effected and e-mailed to you.

Documents are presented to the bank on time  making sure that the entire process from the factory door to port of destination is smooth.


Compliance is a key element along every step of our manufacturing process and we ensure the factories we are doing business are rated as per customers compliance programs.