We are offering all the below mentioned products to our clients all over the globe.We are specialized  in  Ladies, Men and Children wear.

All cotton and cotton mixtures, all kind of natural fibers and man made are available as well as all kinds of stretch fabrics, yarn dyed items, denim, wool and wool mixtures,silk and viscose. We are working with high quality brands for items like tailor made as well casual brands .We can provide you all kinds of special finishing’s and coatings and  special finish for raincoats, etc. Print techniques like transfer ,digital are mostly used. Dye methods like reactive, pigment, oil ,antique and sulphur dye is mostly asked by our customers is one of our strongest points.For denim  fabrics, all kind of washings are done at the most successful  wash mills. We will guarantee you that there will be no use of azo dye chemicals and all our manufacturers are producing according to “Reach” standards.

Knits (Light & Heavy :Tubular)
All kinds of knits are possible and all kind of  of fantasy yarns are available or easy to import from any yarn supplier in the world .  As stated in the woven’s all mixtures are available. We produce for very high quality brands but on the other hand we ship bulk items for very competitive prices.

Knits (Light & Heavy: Flat)
Turkey uses state of the art machinery, especially Jacquards’ are available. Not only local yarns but also high quality imported yarns such as Italian yarns are widely used. The gauges possible  are from 11 till 3.

Underwear & Swimwear
We produce  underwear and  swimwear  , are mostly shipped in special
packages which is all developed locally   on customers choice and design.

Even for leather, we can offer you a reasonable price for a very fine workmanship

Bathrobes & Towels
We are one of the biggest supplying countries with very competitive prices.

Work wear, caps, gloves, socks and bags are part of our product line.

For sampling it depends on the kind of fabric or yarn. For production:
600 – 1000 meter woven’s, 50-100 kgs. knits.
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