We will need your ideas and cuttings from you to perform our search in Turkey to locate the best manufacturer that meets your needs and standards. We will then establish direct contact with fabric suppliers and, if necessary, indirect via our manufacturers.

Our sample qc’s are skilled in new technical packages, print designs and specs.

We are well experienced in meeting the demands of our clients at new developments in a very short time. We always research new products and designs / techniques to help our clients to compete in their markets.

After order placement, we will send you all relevant information about the project such as selected qualities, prices ,minimums, compositions and lead time..

The prototypes will be prepared within maximum 2 weeks in the original fabric, if the prototypes may be made in available fabrics than this will maximum take 3 to 5 days , after your modifications the salesman samples will be prepared within 2 weeks.

Each sample is checked by our sample qc’s before we send to  our client  for approval.